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Well we finally got some white stuff, however not much around me. The heavier snow band set up just north of me, and through Mass.<br>However we recieved alot of sleet/freezing rain mix. Very light through the day, but consistent. You would plow, and 10 min later there was a white haze to the surface. The precip would melt then refrezze into slush. You would scrape and by time you were done, it was back.<br>Then we had a snow shower that gave us 2&quot; and then the temps dropped, and started to freeze everthing solid. We used every ice control trick in the book. From pretreating to coated mixxes. In all we applied about 20 ton of granular material. I never worked so hard for 2&quot; of snow in my life, felt more like a foot of snow fell.<br>But at least our lots were black(albeit kinda white from the salt) this AM with no call backs.<br>Well maybe more next time.<br>At least I have pics of the trucks plowing.<br>Dino<p>----------<br> Professional Ice and Snow Management <br>Products:Services:Equipment

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Sounds like ya had a pretty good attack plan.<p>Back in 1994-95 we had a storm where we recieved 8&quot; of wet snow and it was a day storm. We fought all day to move the stuff witht he temps in the low 40s. Then as the sun set the temp dropped like a rock, we had snow and ice frozen, there wasn't a black spot of tar in the whole state. The dot had graders on the roads trying to scrape the snow and ice.<br>A sharp drop in temps can make the world h-ll. <p>Geoff


Well, from the same storm Dino spoke of, we got a little mix of precip. We had snow, albeit only a dusting, it was enough to ice up everything. Only had to salt 2 accounts. The side of them both that faced north had the thickest ice. Nothing to plow, or scrape up, just black ice. Much of what was icy dried up overnight. I headed out to salt these 2 early this morning. Ended up spending way too much on materials......<br>Was out of the truck for 40 minutes, spreading salt. It was 14 degrees, and the wind chill was way below zero, with 30 mph gusts. I was sweating, and had a hat on, I was warm, even my legs. My toes got numb after about 15 min out there. Then after 20 min, it progressed to pain. I mean my toes hurt pretty bad. I finished spreading salt, and cranked up the heat in my truck. Now, to explain how profitable salt can be around here, I'll tell you what I billed, how much salt I used, and how long it took to spread. I had to spread it by hand with a Agri-Fab 100# broadcast spreader, since I have no mount for our tailgate spreader. So figure 1/2 the time I spent.<br>Salt - (6) 50 pound bags<br>Time - 30 minutes<br>Billed $150.00<p>Salt - (2) 50 pound bags<br>Time - 12 Minutes<br>Billed $90<p>Now I spent less than an hour, including loading up, and going to the jobs.<br>I used only 400 popunds of salt.<br>I took in $240.<br>The salt cost me $58, like I said, I got robbed. Our pile of bags from last year got wet I guess, they were blocks of salt, instead of bags. I'd smash them up like in the past, but not to use in the poly fert. spreader. <br>So even spending $58 on salt;<br> $240<br> - $58<p>$182.00, for 1 hour of work.<br>Not too shabby! Now if only I could get all my accounts to want salt!!<br>Is there another service we sell where the profit margin is so high? Other than plowing of course. I know there are hidden costs to my hour of work this AM, but that much income, for that little bit of work is rewarding. Especially considering how hard I usually work for my money.<p>~Chuck<p>----------<br>Chuck's Chevy Truck Pages - Snowplowing Central<br>

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Dino - sounds like about the same garbage we had here in New Haven. However, we didn't really get enought to scrape - except at 1 or 2 places. We sanded and salted like crazy though, as did the rest of the guys down this way. In fact, on the supply side of things, I sold more material for Yesterday and Thursday's event than I did all of last Year!!!!. Guys were pulling in until 8:00 last night reloading. Hopefully we will get a few inches of white stuff next time. <p><p>----------<br>Phil Grande - Soundview Landscape Supply -<br>Ivy League Landscaping -

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We had about 3.5&quot; of snow and ice but seemed like 8 to 10&quot;.We started spraying our lots with Magic-0 Wednesday nite and worked untill Saturday nite. we went thru 5400 gallons of Magic-0 and 200 yards of material,we would of been in trouble without the Magic-0.DINO you thought the magic sand was good wait till you try spraying pure salt with Magic-0 you get rivers of water running through the parking lots.<p>----------<br>J PARKER<br>914-485-4200

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