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The Bench seat in my 81 custom deluxe is shot. At first I thoght it was just the foam but I think the springs are shot. (The guy that owned it before me was a pretty big guy.) I want to know if all the seats were the same. Will any bench seat from a Chev truck fit? I need to fix the problem soon... I am almot sitting on the floor and it is quite uncomfortable.
Any help with this would be appriciated.

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If it's pickup to pickup, I believe any bench seat from '73 to '87 should fit. Not sure about Blazer/Jimmy or Suburban seats, although I think the bench seats in those are the same too.

Don't know about your area, but around here the problem is finding a decent one, the '84 Chev welding truck at work has a seat that is in real bad shape and it's been difficult to find a good used replacement. Then again, the one in "my" '79 welding truck is in good shape - maybe if some of my co-workers can't look after the truck they shouldn't get a replacement seat! :D
75 is right on the bench seat swap, but seat belt hook ups change so don't remove yours unless you plan on changing all the belts too. I lanched my bench seat for a pair of buckets out of a surburban. Nice. I retro fitted the whole surburban interior seats, center console, dash, instrument cluster, and heater box. Oh not to forget the wiring harness interior and engine bay. This is where I learned out about the seat belt thing. The only thing I needed for the buckets was the floor mounts out of the surb. for the inner front seat mounts. Its nice with the dual arm rest down, curse control on toolin down the highway in the K-3500. unsual for a 82.

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Oops - forgot about the seat belt hookups. Mine has lap belts only, so it's pretty simple in my truck.

I'm pretty sure it was a typo, but LMAO at the term "curse control" - sounds like me in Toronto today......................... :D


Long Island, NY
ANY bench seat from 73-87 will fit, the only thing as far as seatbelts go, is just seeing if your seat has the "slots" for the recieving end. Just see what you have and find an identical one to put back in. But fear not, bench seats are no prob to install. Good luck.


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