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kevin driscoll

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i live in the washington dc area and i am looking for a wholesaler/retailer who sells oem (or similiar) material for a 91 c/k chevy cheyenne bench seat (vinyl any color) i have an upholster who can do the work, but he swears he can not find the original material, i find this hard to believe since so many of the seats get ripped right there at the driver's side by people sliding out and they all seem to need recovering. any help would be appreciated


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Have you tried Golden State Pickup Parts or LMC? I have their catalogs and they have such things. I will try to find my latest copy and see if they have OEM vinyl for the seats if you want me to.


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Albany NY
If you can't find what you're looking for look into a new seat. You may be able to find a used one in a wreck or something in good condition. It might be less hastle to just bolt in a new one. I would think your Chevy dealer would carry what you needed it's their truck. I know what you mean with the cracks, I have the same problem. Seat covers worked for me, they're also a lot warmer when you get in a cold truck at 3:00 AM in February

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