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Seasonal bid on residential property. Please help

Discussion in 'Bidding & Estimating' started by Lawnman883, Dec 8, 2008.

  1. Lawnman883

    Lawnman883 Member
    Messages: 85

    Hey guys,
    new to this but i have the opportunity to bid on a larger residential driveway then i normally have. What would you guys estimate you'd bid for something like this. He said it is on an incline and wants ice control too.

  2. grandview

    grandview PlowSite Fanatic
    Messages: 14,609

    50-60 plus salt?. Very easy to plow.
  3. Gicon

    Gicon Senior Member
    from MA
    Messages: 989

    $75 per 6" for plowing, plus whatever you do with chemicals.
  4. Lawnman883

    Lawnman883 Member
    Messages: 85

    thanks for the thoughts. gives me the ballpark i should be in. i am new to this and just dont want to be too low.
  5. BobCun

    BobCun Junior Member
    Messages: 1

    Did you get this job ? He asked me to bid on it too, but never heard back.
  6. kootoomootoo

    kootoomootoo Senior Member
    Messages: 144

    I bid 2 the same if not a little bigger $26 per push ....nuttin.
  7. $26 per push is too cheap. Look at all the suggestions. Your no where near what people suggested. If you can't get this waahoo at $26 then then he isn't worth it. Tell him you'll sell him a shovel for $20.00 and throw in a box of table salt for his steps.
  8. cretebaby

    cretebaby PlowSite Veteran
    Messages: 4,162

    kinda cheap for a seasonal price:D
  9. shovelracer

    shovelracer Senior Member
    Messages: 525

    3K should cover you.
  10. KAG

    KAG Senior Member
    Messages: 114

    How many pushable events a year do you have there? I came up with $2450.00. Add a surcharge clause for anything over 5 inches.
  11. kws

    kws Junior Member
    Messages: 12

    are you for real!!??

    $26 is too way cheap!!

    this winter is gonna be the worst !!!

    3k seasonal

    85 plus salt!
  12. kootoomootoo

    kootoomootoo Senior Member
    Messages: 144

    When one of you guys Ballz up and shows a signed contract with pictures showing you get $3k per season I will believe you.

    Until then you just get pushed aside to the rest I have seen come and go in 8yrs on here as living in Fantasy Land.
  13. SpruceLandscape

    SpruceLandscape Senior Member
    Messages: 248

    I would be bidding that driveway around here for about $45/push plus salt/calcium, or whatever chemicals. Multiply that by anywhere from 15-20 events a year here in ohio depending on where you are in the snowbelt, and that would be a competitive going rate for OUR area. $26 is just plain rediculous.
  14. SpruceLandscape

    SpruceLandscape Senior Member
    Messages: 248

    That price is also considering that the average event in MY service area is usually 4" or less
  15. shovelracer

    shovelracer Senior Member
    Messages: 525


    I did what Kootoomootoo asked, but decided I didnt like my contract on here. Say what you want. Plowing is hard work, and doing it right takes care and skill. Lots of people work for free and if you cant get 3K for that drive where you probably get 20 storms than you shouldnt be in business.

    This driveway pulled in 3300+/- last year and that doesnt include an additional 600 in emergency tree removal.

    scan 2.jpg
    Last edited: Dec 23, 2008
  16. eshskis

    eshskis Senior Member
    from 4
    Messages: 138

    what would you charge?