SE PA Luncheon Get Together

TLS Addict
Any of you guys/gals interested, a few of us here are planning on getting together this Saturday the 16th of Feb at 1:30 in the afternoon at Ruby Tuesdays in Plymoth Meeting PA. It is located on Chemical Road just off the Blue Route.

Just a name to faces, business card trade, good time, etc.

Should be a good turnout.

See ya there!


Hey Tom I'll see you there. Since there hasn't been much in the way of snow around here some of the plow guys from our area may not be visiting the sites as much.



It is about a mile from the exit of the Pa Turnpike not sure if its called the Norristown or Plymouth Meeting exit, and it is just northeast of phila. Hope that helps.
GUYS, Sorry couldn't make it. The womans
new carpet came friday ! Moving furniture
and watching the installers put it down !
Ugly white berber stuff ! I can imagine
what it will look like when the 10 & 11 yos
and doggy get their time on it !! LOL
Well hope to see ya all at the bbq in
Poughkeepsie this year......Geo