SE PA and Surronding areas

Discussion in 'Weather' started by J&R Landscaping, Feb 21, 2008.

  1. J&R Landscaping

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    Just heard on the weather a few minutes ago.

    Along the I-95 corridor, 1-3" of snow expected for Friday with an additional coating to 1" on Saturday. The snow will accumulate before changing to sleet/ wintery mix.

    All I can say is its about time for something!!! :yow!::nod:payup
  2. LTL

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    Up here in NEPA we are under a Winter Storm warning for 5-8. I am going to keep on praying for more!
  3. 04Sierra

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    You know it's been a bad year when we are all this excited about 1-3. J&R I am right by you in Penndel. Is it me or has it snowed everywhere except Bucks Co.
  4. OP
    J&R Landscaping

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    We'll have to meet up sometime!
  5. highlander316

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    penndot was spraying all day today. I even saw some parking lots already salted in the middle of the afternoon :rolleyes:. The storm is supposed to start till tomorrow morning.
  6. OP
    J&R Landscaping

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    Ended up with about 2.5". Not to shabby as it put me to work!!
  7. GreenManEnvy

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    The official numbers for us were about 2.5", but I cleared 3-4" this morning, and another 3" or so in the afternoon.
  8. mike psd

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    from pa
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    7.5 " in my backyard of northeast pa not bad still coming down lighty i'll have some clean ups after my real job is over
  9. Jello1

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    9" of snow here in Honesdale, Pa. It's still kind of an off and on flurry right now. Since yesterday morning. Time to go plow the bosses house, rental properties, 2 warehouses etc. I'm really hyped this morning.
  10. highlander316

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    close to 6" here. Mad a good deal of $$$. Cleared lots multiple times. payuppayup
  11. DBL

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    just a little more than 3 inches here but i was happy with it
  12. BOSS550

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    We got enough here for 12 hrs of pushing. Not bad considering I wrote this season off totally a month ago! Anybody up near Towanda in Bradford Co?? Just wondering what they got up that way.