Scratch one roof

Well, I shovelled 13 roofs that make up the house, shop and various outbuildings. I went to the shop yesterday for supplies and the welder shed door wouldn't open more that 12". I peered under and all but two of the roof stringers had broken and dropped the steel roof about 3 feet. I shovelled this building in mid January and took off about 30".

My wife's Mustang is stored in there. It's okay at this point, but I crawled in and shored up the rest of the roof. We had a heavy 6" of snow 10 days ago, and that was the straw that did the trick when the steel roofs finally began to slide - uneven loading.

I have one other critical roof situation now that I have to deal with.

Ho Hum - the fun never ends.

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Bad news to hear. Be secure if you plan to go on that roof, have a stategy to not over stress the structure when you will move the snow on it. In case like this, your own weight may be too much on critical area.

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