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Scraping away all the gravel, help

Discussion in 'Residential Snow Removal' started by Hobo2, Feb 18, 2011.

  1. Hobo2

    Hobo2 Junior Member
    from Utah
    Messages: 8

    It doesn't seem to matter if I back drag, or plow forward (forward is the worst), I still manage to remove gravel. I've tried to lower my shoes, but I keep scraping my gravel away anyway, ugh. If I try to float the plow by not dropping it all the way down, the hills in my driveway end up looking like a roller-coaster of no snow and deep snow. Do any of you have any suggestions?

    By the way, I just got a MD 68 Snowdog mounted to my 1985 Ford F250.

    Last edited: Feb 18, 2011
  2. leon

    leon Senior Member
    Messages: 872

    gravel grabber

    All you need is to buy a length or 2 of schedule 80 plastic conduit (Grey in Color), cut it to length, then cut a slit in it and slide it on the plow edge.
  3. johnhealey1776

    johnhealey1776 Junior Member
    Messages: 22

    I saw in the forums somewhere that guys take a piece of pipe and mount it to the bottom of the cutting edge for gravel. Still moves the snow well but doesnt dig up the gravel. Sounded like a smart idea to me.
  4. South Seneca

    South Seneca Senior Member
    Messages: 474

    What holds the pipe or plastic on the edge?
  5. johnhealey1776

    johnhealey1776 Junior Member
    Messages: 22

  6. johnhealey1776

    johnhealey1776 Junior Member
    Messages: 22

  7. Hobo2

    Hobo2 Junior Member
    from Utah
    Messages: 8

    Thanks for responding!

    The pipe is a great idea! I see he put it on the front of the cutting edge though, I wounder if it would work putting it on the back, for back dragging. Plus, do you think he still uses his shoes?
  8. johnhealey1776

    johnhealey1776 Junior Member
    Messages: 22

    Hmm i dont know about the back drag. I do know those guys take their shoes off though. One guy was selling a brand new pair.
  9. johnhealey1776

    johnhealey1776 Junior Member
    Messages: 22

    his backdrag and his pipe are two different animals. Each one mounted differently. I bet you could mount a pipe even with your cutting edge so that when you backdrag you use the pipe and when you push you utilize the cutting edge. Just mount it in reverse of the way they did i guess
  10. woodsman

    woodsman Senior Member
    Messages: 119

    My gravel driveway is 1500 ft long and the pipe with the slit is the way to go. I have a steel 2" pipe slit down the middle and attached to the blade with some side straps. GET rid of the shoes they do nothing but make a mess on gravel roads, once the ground is frozen solid then i take off the pipe and plow as normal...
  11. magik235

    magik235 Senior Member
    Messages: 113

  12. WingPlow

    WingPlow Senior Member
    Messages: 634

    the only things that should have shoes on in the winter is......YOUR FEET
  13. 06Sierra

    06Sierra PlowSite.com Addict
    from Maine
    Messages: 1,329

    I was just talking about this problem with one of the guys I work with yesterday. He took a 2" pipe and set the plow down on top of it, no slit cut in the pipe. Once he had it lined up how he wanted, he lined up 4 peices of flat stock with the bolt holes for the cutting edge and welded them to the pipe.
  14. KMBertog

    KMBertog PlowSite.com Addict
    Messages: 1,129

    had to plow a gravel drive last winter.... just dropped the blade to the surface and lifted it up slightly above the gravel and plowed..... not going to get it perfect, but, it is what it is... they were fine with it.