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The person who you want to get ahold of is Casey. Just look up his profile. He is the expert on blowers.

He could also tell you of a good way to stay warm during blowing. The guy is an expert.:drinkup:

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lol, Nice one J., but seriously he is joking, I noticed you are new here so you may not know about Casey. He is a joke.

It can be done with blowers, but much more efficently with a plow.
Just noticed your 15 in your profile. So Yeah, blowers are your only option at this time. Get a few small drives in the neighborhood & you sould be fine just starting out.
In a few years you will get sick of it & buy yourself a truck & plow.
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Yes you can definitly start out with a snow blower. I'm 17 now and have my own truck, but from 14-16 all I used was a snowblower. I would recomend a Honda if you don't already have one.
Good luck and I hope it works out for you.:waving:

Mike 97 SS

You can start out by shoveling if you cant afford a snowblower right now or if you dont have one already. Save up some money from shoveling and buy a snowblower. Use that for a while and save up more money and buy a truck with a plow. Just some ideas to think about. Mike


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When I was 13 I had a paper route. I used my tips to buy a 5 horse mtd. Then put fliers in my papers, it worked well, I used to snowblow for 15-20 hours straight and come home with 800 dollars in my pocket, I was the richest kid around. I used to tie a sled behind me to pull a 5 gal gas can and a shovel. You can bet I ran right to the truck dealer when I got my lisence too. That snowblowing money came in real handy. If I had to do it gain I'd pay more to get a bigger snow blower.

BTW I'm not the Casey everyone's was refering to above

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