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Its vince from Lost Wages!! Got here safe last night and I am on my way to southern california to see my grandson.<p>Not too much posting going on guys! I guess we are all getting over the winter.<p>Geoff, I'm going to look at those pictures after I post this howdy note.<p>Dino, I'll contact you next thursday.<p>Keep the faith Alan I agree with your post to Tammy. That should be an issue that is brought up to the membership. I don't know what she can do on her own.<p><br>vince<br>

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Hey Vince, how's the desert doing? Weather forecasts are saying we might get a little snow above 1500 ft tonight. I doubt it will stick down here, the ground is WAY too warm. But, I'm just as glad we haven't pulled the spreader brackets off the pickup yet.
Hi - I made a spectacle of myself here and at the 6.5 diesel page, so I thought I'd introduce myself as John McNutt from North Bay, Ontario. We do a considerable amount of low-profile snow removal here. We prefer residences to commercial when we can line them up like dominos. Yes, we have to deal with more people, but they all work and it allows us to get our commercials done by 7:30 and focus on the driveways through the day.<br> We have been at this sport for 20 years through 14 trucks, 5 plows and 3 backhoes. Trucks have all been GM's for the reason that they have good tranny's and have'nt given us a reason to switch. We started in 1980 with a used Meyer ST-90, and could not keep the junk E-47H running, so it came off in November of the 2nd year and an Artic 8' with a Monarch Pump went onto the same truck. Getting rid of that Meyer took care of 90% of the mechanical problems. The Artics continued to be good to us until this year when we switched to Boss Vees. Excellent dealer support in the area, but no reason to return to the dealer yet. All plows run steel edges and have grease fittings drilled into each of the hydraulic cylinder pin bolts (yeah, it was a big job on the drill press and grinder, but the life of the plows has tripled before they get too floppy to live with). We don't sand unless we absolutely have to because there is no $$ in it here - only for liablility reasons.<br> There is lots of work for someone who runs a good service and runs good equipment. I always see circa 1980 bondo buckets running around with circa 1975 Meyer plows that are worn so bad they scoop snow directly into the rad. Funny, I never see them two seasons in a row.... Anyway, enuf of an introduction, I'm starting to *****.... carry on<p>----------<br>JWM<br>

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