Saw Snow and Sleet

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Saw some snow and a lot of sleet today. Nothing accumulated, only it would have been nice. Only i did test the under the tailgate spreaders on the F 650, and F 750. I built a steel bar that swings on the side of the shop. I can swing it out, hook two hooks onto the spreader, and swing it back to the wall for storage.


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What kind is it and how does it work.I have been looking for something for my 550 but still don't know which way to go vbox'replacement tailgate,or under tailgate.Also hows the rear camera working.

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The cameras have had great reviews. The under the tailgate spreaders work well. I would suggest you get electric controlls, because your truck is new, with manual valves, depending on installation, your truck may become a 2 seater.

For your F 550s, its a toss up. I am currently running v-boxes in mine. However right now, i only have 1 vox in an F 550, i have 3 in F 350s, Next year 2 of those trucks will be phased out, and will be replaced with F 550s with v-boxes.

I think i would consider a replacement tailgate spreader as well, avaible for Meyer and Diamond, as well as swenson. All my spreaders are swensons, with the 4 small v-boxs wearing the diamond name.

You application may also influence your decision. If you want to be able to remove the spreader easily, a replacement or under the tailgate may be the way to go. However i have a set up so i can remove my v-boxes in 10 minutes. The reason i am keeping v-boxes (and will always have some), is because the tailgate models require you to raise the body, so hight clearance is an isshue. I got my tailagets because i was going to have to put some kind of weight in the F 650 and F 750, so i figured why not use sand, and put the under the tailgate spreader on. The cost difference between the v-box can be as much as 1/2 or very little. This is what you have to figure, my under the tailgate spreader was less then 2K, plus a 2200 dollar hydro system (which also can controll a plow). The V-box for my F 650 ( that i bought last year with the low profile body) was 7 K. Now this is where the savings are on the big trucks, for a 2 yard v-box and extensions which brings capp to 3 yards, the cost is around 3300 installed. If you figure 1500 for the under the tailgate and say 1800 for hydro ( i am pulling these figures out of my head), the cost savings isn't very much. Now your body on the F 550 probably can hold 4 yards, so maybe you get an extra yard with the tailagte, but have to raise the body, making the operation less safe then the v-box.

So why do i have a v box on a F 650. Ok that F 650 has a low profile body with 18" maybe 24" side ( the truck was speced more for summer work, where reaching over the sides was needed). My other F 650 and F 750 have a regular body with 7 to 8 yard cappacity. So I went with the v-box to have a large cappacity, than the short sided body could provide.

Now to sum it all up. If you don't want to be raising your body to sand (which you don't want to do on hills, or where your hight is limited), a v-box is a better choice.

If you want to be able to remove your spreader quickly, a under or replacement tailgate would probably be easier to remove. I am not saying a v-box can't be removed with out much effort, because it can, you just need a more complicated set up.

In you case the cost savings, are probably not very big, may even cost move. However the hydro system (found on both v-boxes and tailgate) is more reliable, and you also have a back up plow pump, if your electric was ever to fail ( this would need to be set up before hand, because it takes some additional parts). The tailgate may provide aditional, capacity, depending on your dump body. The v-boxes is safer, and easier to opperate.

sorry for the book, hope it helps.


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I guess there was snow here on Tuesday morning, I missed it, I was in PA for a few days. A buddy called me on my cell phone and asked "How do you like THIS weather?", not knowing I was in a hotel room 400+ miles away.

Geoff has a real good point about the hazards of raising a body while traveling, it's an excellent way to trim limbs, wires, etc. Some towns here have gone to big Vee boxes, probably on the order of 5-6 yards so they don't have to raise the body. Another popular option on municipal trucks is the spreader body that unloads through a chain conveyor in the floor to a front mounted spinner. The floor of the body tilts up sideways to dump into the conveyor and the total height is not much over 8' when the floor and side are raised 45 deg.

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Snow in Chicago

The south suburbs of Chicago had 1 to 6" Saturday night. I know 1 guy that cut grass in the day, and plowed that night. Most of it was melted by the end of the day. We didn't do anything. Our contracts don't start til 11/15.


I was begining to wonder when peaple would start posting snow sightings. We had 6" of heavy wet snow on Sat. the 7th and another 2" on Sun. the 8 th. Mostly on the hill tops and a little in the valleys. The town departments plowed, but I think that was more to get the trees out of the road rather than the snow. There will certainly be more coming everyones way if you listen to the extended outlooks. Ask me in April what winter will be like, I'll have a better answer.