saw my first duramax


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I saw a 01 Duramax dually looked like a one tone, long bed, 4door, 4x4...old man driving it just showing it off...thing that blew my mind was as he passed I saw a 3-4inch exhaust pipe underneath and I promise it wasnt any lounder than a gas engine I was super suprised!!! Looks like one hell of a truck! I'm impressed!


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I really looked forward to this truck and I had delayed buying a new truck until I was able to try this one out. I was disappointed in the duramax/allison combination. They actually have the tranny programmed to go thru tree gears before you reach 15MPH. It tends to be a real neck jerker in stop n' go traffic. The powerband is somewhat higher than the Cummins I was also testing. I ended up buying the Dodge over the Chevy. It seemed that the only thing the Chevy had over the tested and true Cummins is a quieter valve train, 2 extra cylinders, and fuel mileage about 4 miles per gal. less than the Dodge.

Plus the wife liked the Dodge interior better. :)


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I have to disagree the Dmax and allison I drove made was very smooth. And even tho it did shift a little more often, due to the 5 sp, not very noticable. the grade braking feature was really top notch.
What the d amx has over the cummins is a much broader power band, flatter torque curve, and at least 25 more hp, with autos, the hp difference is more around 55.
Put the two trucks side my side with loads or empty and you will find that the gm is alot faster. These are facts, its been tested by about 10 different orgs, and the resluts are always the same.

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I test drove one and loved it! I can't wait to order one this fall. I've only seen 2 or 3 on the road. With a GM discount available, Dodge and Ford are out of the picture.


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I sure am enjoying my new Duramax, I drove a 99 ford Powersmoke over the weekend for a day while a friend had my and it does not even start to compare to mine. They are noiser, slower, and shifting (both autos) is totally different.


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Still love mine! Started towing my Kubota around now and it doesnt even phase it( pulls off the line like there is nothing back there at all). I also think the shifting is smooth. Hey Dino I was checking out your post on on the plowing forum about that dieseldymanic site. Do they have any chips for them or some power upgrades for them, let me know if there are any good sites for them.


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I was super impressed with my uncle's new dully with the six speed manual and Dmax. I never drove an automatic but I was impressed that a dully with a hydraulic flat bed could burn rubber at 45 mph. The broad power band is obvious with a manual and it leaves my cousin's Power Joke in a cloud of tire smoke.

I read that with the GVW loaded to 7500 lb (about a 1500 lb load since the truck weighs over 6000 by itself), the truck with the 6 speed was capable of accelerating 0-60 in 7.8 seconds, WOW!!! It even smoked my 78 GMC dully with a 350 that wheel dynoed at 340 hp, 4 speed manual, and 2 speed tailshaft.
I'm driving a 6.5 now and like it much.

Canadian Duramax math, as of my tour of the dealer's yard yesterday:

Duramax $5,995
Allison $2,495
Ltd. Slip $ 335
Subtotal $8,825
Taxes @15% $1,324

Total $10,149 for my powertrain. :(

My 6.5 may be around awhile.

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I do love the power,but the tranny is very busy until its in 4th gear,then its like any other.It seems like 5 speeds is really unneccesary in the lower gears,it really needs a gear between 4th and 5th-make 5th now a hair taller,and put a 4th.(80) in between 3 direct(1.00 to 1.00),the new 5 th,about .62-.65.I think the tranny shifting so much will shorten its life-shifting is when wear occurs on the clutches,once engaged there is no wear,so a tranny that is always shifting will wear out faster than one that shifts one less time ,up thru the gears.It is a beefy unit-so it should last a while.


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This same discussion is being discussed over at and its a never ending battle. But it still has problems like any other truck and the 300 HP is at the flywheel. Ford PSDs deliver more at the rear wheels. Besides, who really wants a pay $42,500. As I have heard the dealers won't budge 1 dollar. To each his own I guess. Too bad GM had to go to the Japanese to build worthwhile competition for the Cummins and PSD.

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