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Saw an interesting setup

Discussion in 'Commercial Snow Removal' started by lakeeffect, Mar 3, 2005.

  1. lakeeffect

    lakeeffect Senior Member
    Messages: 434

    Saw something yesterday I have never seen before, wish I would have had my camera. Guy had a 3/4 or 1 ton chevy pickup with a 8' Fisher MM2 on the front and also had the same MM2 set up on the rear, headgear, lights etc. Was driving by me so couldn't get a good look at how he had it mounted. Had never seen that before and thought it was interesting.
  2. SCSIndust

    SCSIndust Senior Member
    Messages: 280

    Must have been a backup for when the front fails... :D
  3. lakeeffect

    lakeeffect Senior Member
    Messages: 434

    I would say you were right except it was a Fisher so that rules that out!! :)
  4. ksland

    ksland Senior Member
    from ma
    Messages: 419

    DOH!! :eek:
  5. mmwb

    mmwb Senior Member
    from wyoming
    Messages: 114

    "Must have been a backup for when the front fails... "

  6. smiti105

    smiti105 Member
    Messages: 90

    Did you see that in Jersey?? I saw someone that matches that description also.
  7. WOODY367

    WOODY367 Senior Member
    from LI, NY
    Messages: 477

    Years ago my friend took his 76 Chevy 1 ton. he had a 8' Fisher on the front and a full 8' Fisher on the rear. The rear plow he turned the blade backward and welded the A frame to the front mold board. He had it setup for a gated complex. he would back in the driveway and pull the snow into the street and used the front blade to push it down the street. Worked great. He still has the truck and I think the rear setup. I will have to see if he has photos.
  8. lakeeffect

    lakeeffect Senior Member
    Messages: 434

    Was in Syracuse NY