save your hyd. lines?


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going over my plow last month i noticed one of my hyd lines had a small area that was rubbing against something. turns out when i lifted it all the way up & to the left the line was rubbing on the a frame/u-bolt chain hoist area. a friend had his rubbing (& broke) where they run them through a little "U" sort of shaped bracket (both western pro's). thought about it awhile and decided to buy some heater hose and wrapped both hyd lines in it. figured the heater hose will take the rubbing abuse instead of the hyd line. anyone ever experienced this before or done this?
I stopped using western replacement hoses. I found the same thing, but also that they where out quicker. I now go to my local tractor repair shop and get them to make me up a set. Never have a problem. (With the hoses)

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Replacing with hose from a hydraulic hose or tractor repair shop is a good idea. The quality is much better, and the prices cheaper than the plow hoses offered by the plow manufacturers or the aftermarket parts places. There are a few differetn types of sheathing products sold that you can find at the shops mentioned in my first sentence.

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Funny to see this thread here today. Yesterday while checking everything ove I noticed the safety chain would rub on a hyd line so I split a piece of heater hose (in a spiral so it wont fal off) and slipped it over.

On a similar note, anyone with a Dodge w/318 or 360, the lower heater hose will rub on the frame at times, wrap it with something so it doesnt wear thru. Mine has been wrapped in an old radiator hose since Day 2.


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The lower rad hose on my brother's CJ-7 straight 6 wore between the steering and frame. Stock setup. When we went for a new hose we made up one by combining a couple elbows and a length of copper pipe. Works well 5 years later.

I agree that plow hoses are expensive. Basically they are all the same. We get our from the local auto shop. Cheap and can be made to any length


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spiral wrap for automotive wire looms

Haveing seen what happens if heater hose is soaked by hyd. fluid,(it turns to soft GOO) unless it is the expensive silicone hose.
I use plastic spiral loom , or split loom used on engine wire harness. It is easy to install and cheap!!:D JJ

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