Sanding a Car not a good thing

GeoffD Veteran
Well on saturday night it happened. My driver had the 650 out on the road, and was doing a parking lots. I had him sand the roads that ran through the lot. I guess a car went around him because he was going to slow. I guess the spinner of the sander if up high enough so that a rock came out of the sander and took out the guys head light ( and someoe saw my driver do it ). <p>First accident of the year i guess.<p>The guy called me up today and told me that his windstar needed a new headlight. I told him to meet me at the Ford dealer i do business with and i want get it fixed for him ( i didn't tell him that was my ford dealer). Well the Ford dealers body shop guy came out, they washed his car looked it over, and said yep new headlight thats it. So the dealer and the driver set up and appointment on when to fix the headlight, and i get the bill. Anyways i told the guy to call me if he had any problems with the dealer, then he asked me to bid on his companies lot ( because we do such a good job at the one we broke his headlight at).<p>Then he asked what i was going to do with my driver. I told him i would talk to him. ( only i don't think the driver did anything wrong, and i want have any formal talk with him)<p>Should i bid on this guys lot? Or just get his headlight fixed ( 135 dollars parts and labor) and say sorry about the car, best of luck with your business.<p>Well the dealer said it will probably under 135, only with me paying the bill he wanted to tell me the max cost. <p>Geoff<br>

John DiMartino Veteran
You are a nice guy Geoff!If that guy was in such a hurry on an icey road he should be happy it was just a headlight.If you have a flashing beacon and working lights I cant see how you are responsible for his stupidity.But I guess 135 is cheaper than an insurance claim,si I understand why you paid him.If you need the work I would bid his lot,just CYA .<p>----------<br>John D<br>

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