sander size

GeoffD Veteran
3 Yarder no problem.

Or go with an under the tailgate spreader for a dump body. You need a central hydro system for this type, however you can go from sander to dump truck real quick. Infact because you don't have the extra weight of a 900 to 1000 lbs V-box on the truck you could carry 4 yards of sand or salt or whatever. So if you have a 3 to 4 yard dump body with an under the tailgate spreader you can carry 3-4 yards of material.

BTW the 9.5' fisher v-plow is great.


John DiMartino Veteran
A friend of mine has an F550 with a 2 yd V-box and it handles it like its not even there,he even built sides for it to get about 2 3/4 yds in there,still doesnt even know its there.Very heavy duty axle and suspension on that 550.

GeoffD Veteran
The A 3 Yard v-box will run you like 3 to 4K

An under the tailgate spreader cost 1800 to 2000. However you need to add a central hydro system to the truck, which will cost another 1200 to 2000.

So the cost is about equal. I am not sure but I belive a sander built into the dump body will cost more than an Under the tailgate or v-box spreader.

Yes you have to raise the body to spread sand but you can still lower it and spread a little to get under low clearance things. Only with the standard 9' dump body the height isn't that bad.


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