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How many times for a comercial application does every one sand when the lot is a busy one with a not so flat grade.I thought it was always best to sand and salt with just a 1-2" on the ground unless it builds up quickly then give it a second sanding at the finnal scape down.How does every one else do there sanding salting.I try to use a mix the same as the towns do. thanks

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Up to this year i used to use 100% sand/salt mix, this year i will be useing 5% pure salt, 95% sand/salt (have sold the pure salt idea to some customers). This is what i did for sand/salt apps.

Ok if it started snowing during the day, and were forcasted or got around 2" this is what i would have done. I would have sent out trucks with plows, plowed the laneways that run though the lots, and sand and salted them heavly (pre wet with mag cloride), this would take place around 1/2 to 1" depending on the moisture content of the snow. Then i would have repeated this process at 2" or if the event had stopped. That evening when the lot was empty, i would send out the big guns, and scrape the lot clear, and sand/salt the whole thing. My plan for private roads is simmular, only after the storm stops, i can do my final visit.

Now this is assuming that the snow has started when there are cars in the lot, the plan of attack may very during different times of the day.


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If it was on pavement, I'd do about the same thing, but with straight salt. If the storm fizzled at 2" or so I would probably not have to put a plow on it at all.

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