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well i finally got going this year getting commercial i went to get a new spreader and fired up my dump truck with the dump bed sander body.went out to the landscape supply about a block from my house.loaded up both trucks.4 yds in one and 2 yds in the other.went in the office to tell them to put it on my tab.
it came to $ mouth went down to the floor and i felt like lol.when i went there last year to pickup the same amount it was $159.00 what a change the year makes.went from $25.00 per yrd to $55.00 per yrd in one year.don't even ask about how much bulk salt is.but i guess in a way i am lucky because the lady who lives next door to me handles all the sales so i have a feeling since i said something to her this afternoon.that she will like always with mulch stone topsoil sand/salt not bill me.2 seasons ago i ordered about 30 yards of sand/salt mix and i never got a bill for it so i think it was because of her.well i hope it was looks like sand/salt will be high priced this


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Price around here varies, the lowest is about $30, the highest is about $45 per yard. It really isn't too hard to find an 80/20 mix for $30-35.
I will say one other thing in defense of the seller ... if you figurr that for an 80/20 mix, you have 4 yards of sand and 1 yard of salt.
Cost to the seller ...
4 x $12 = 48
1 x $40 = 40

Total : $88 divided by 5 = $17.60 a yard of mix.

At $35 a yard for an 80/20 mix, he is just doing what most suppliers do by doubling his cost ....


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I pay 179.00 cdn incuding tax for a dump truck load of salt/sand mix delivered. It works out to about $12/ yard. I can't believe the difference in prices! I guess it might be a supply/demand thing.


Topsham Maine
$15.00 per cu yard for straight sand and add another $5.00 per yard which I mix up myself it keeps it at a lower price. I can have it premixed for $25.00 per yard

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