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    I am turning to the pros for help....
    I live on a two mile single lane unimproved private dirt road next to a lake. I have plowed it for years with gm 1500 and 2500's and both Fisher and Meyer plows (hate them both) I get into trouble when it turns into ice from say a thaw and refreeze. skating rink. Salt is the exact opposite of what i need because I don't care if the ice goes away, i just want traction on it, and in the spring the sand just becomes part of the road-no clean up. I am using whatever the highway dept offers residents I am assuming it a mix. Right now I sprinkle by hand, and just keep moving the truck which is very time consuming and tedious. I have a very low budget for a solution so I am looking for a small tailgate spreader or even a push/walk behind, sub $1000 would be awesome. It seems the only ones that get into this price point are salt only. Seed spreaders don't seam to work. so far the least expensive is a Hiniker at about $1700. Any ingenuous Yankees out there have a solution?
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    Buyers makes some relatively economical units - the TGS03 should be available for around the same price as that hiniker or maybe a little less. Anything in that price range will be unimpressive performance wise used with straight sand (or a very sand-heavy sand-salt mix) but will probably be better than spreading by hand for two miles.

    Unfortunately, there isn't any cheap way to effectively spread wet sand. If you have a way to keep the sand dry, you might have somewhat better luck. If the sand is very wet, expect any tailgate spreader without a vibrator to tunnel a lot and expect to have to keep breaking it up manually as it does.

    Any walk behind or spreader below $1000 will do nothing and be a total waste of your money. Don't even bother trying.
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    To add to what CWREN said.....
    If you were to get a tail gate spreader and use sand make sure it has a vibrator to keep the sand feeding and not bridging over. The sand needs to dry otherwise it'll freeze into a block and you'll have feeding issues.
    Rather than getting sand from the DOT/hi-way department I 'd suggest you go to a gavel pit and use a sand named Squeegee upload_2018-10-2_15-11-14.png
    Buy enough to carry you through the winter and keep it under a covered area to keep it dry. It's aboot $12/ton where I'm at.
    Here's an idea of what you should be looking for:
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    Tire chains with vbars or square links...
    Cheaper than a sander and less annoying than fiddling with a low budget sander and medium that may or may not freeze, clog or clump on you...
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    He asks for sander recommendations and your suggestion is "tire chains"?
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    Your feedback is severally flawed and you should go back to the 1st post and actually read/comprehend what NeverSalt is dealing with. It should become very clear what he's faced with.
    Tire chains would help the situation for the vehicle being used to plow with, I can't dispute that. What about the other vehicles that travel the private road, are they to chain up when the conditions get bad to gain access?
    Have you any real life experience using a tailgate spreader to spread sand type products, if so please share.....

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    What about a tow behind drop spreader ?

    My epoke spreader drops dry sand great and it’s 60” wide I believe
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    Maybe if you post where you're located, someone in the area could steer you in the right direction.
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    So, it appeared to me that NeverSalt was primarily concerned with just gaining traction on the ice and not really conquering the ice problem itself. So, since Crewn stated paraphrasing here that anything in that price range will unimpressive performance with straight sand , a mix of mostly and salt or if the sand gets wet it seemed evident that success was going to limited. And since the original poster was more concerned with traction than anything else perhaps a solution other than spreading would also be entertained.

    One of his big concerns seems to be convenience of the system. Clearly, sanding is the easiest choice for daily use no doubt. But, if the issue isn’t as persistent as I assume perhaps the solution doesn’t have to be as convenient as sanding is just far less time consuming than sanding by shovel or had 2 miles of road?

    But, as we all know sand in a spreader can be difficult aespecially if it collects moisture due to humidity or worse gets wet. Nothing like a hopper full of frozen sand to ruin your day. And let’s be honest the vibration function isn’t always effective in breaking up hard clumps of sand or salt that is stuck together.

    Budget, obviously this sander will need to be electric and may or may not require more power than his current truck can handle. This could mean additional costs in upgrading the generation capability with a larger alternator and/or supplementing the storage capability with a secondary battery to ensure proper functionality of the sander, plow and truck. It seems to me that having a dead battery is serious problem. Also, if after every use you have drive around for 30 minutes with nothing on topping off the battery because the drain exceeds the system’s ability cope with it you’ve just increased the operating costs of the truck in wasted fuel. And this just a hypothetical but it could happen.

    Next you have the price of the medium. Since we don’t know where he is he could be spending a lot for a couple of cubis yards of sand. Not to mention he might need to make a special shed or cover such material. Which also increases the cost of operating the sander system.

    Finally, we have the price $1,700.00 and as I will restate crewn’s comment unimpressive performance from such units with his intended medium. Okay, that got me thinking what is a simple cost effective traction orientated solution to this problem: ding , ding , ding tire chains. As far as I can see they are only inconvenient if he has to put them on and off his vehicles 100 times per season. If that is the case then ignore my suggestion and original poster has only wasted 30 seconds of time reading it.

    Yes, Buff I had a 3.5 cy unit gas powered that used in the M35a2 for sanding purposes bought it used. It wasn’t fun if the sand got moist from thawing and freezing cycles with high humidity and extreme temperature fluctuations.
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    Rather than engaging in time consuming discussion with you I'm going to hold off till the NeverSalt returns.
    NeverSalt I have a couple questions for you.
    Do you intend to sand the entire road?
    What is the grade of the road?
    Do you have space to store sand on your property?
    Do you have a helper you spread sand by hand with a shovel?
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    If we are throwing out completely irrational ideas... why sand it when you can just melt it....

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    One time, I had a bunch of ice packed at the end of my driveway that I couldn't break up with a shovel. I had a blowtorch that I carried in my car to unfreeze the lock on the fence here at work, so I tried that to see if it would melt the ice. Spoiler alert: it didn't.
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    You just didn't have the right tool for the job.
    Go big or go home
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    Maybe a tow behind top dresser. They run sand usually and some spin some drop.
    Real CL hunt for that budget, I see used for 2500 up on eBay.

    Just a thought. Charge them more for the apps then, with great reason.
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    We haven't found out where he is, but I'm pretty sure its not Florida.
    His budget is $1K.
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    It was merely an example of the machine type I had suggested. Also acknowledged the budget and possibly saving more or charging more or finding a Craigslist deal.

    Here’s a Epoke like the guy above mentioned. I have an Epoke drop sidewalk spreader and it can spread powder. It looks better any way and may or may not be closer.
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    Call me crazy but you just told the original poster: hey, anything in your price range will be mediocre when used with the medium he wants to use. And since the original poster doesn’t want to spend ideally over $1700.00 what would be the point in suggesting brand x or y— you yourself just clearly stated as an expert in the field that they were all pretty comparable in their mediocrity in his intended application what options are left?
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    let's keep with suggestions and refrain from starting a whizzing match please