Seymour IN
Hello everyone, I am still putting the pencil to work on if the snow buisness is feasiable here in Southern Indiana. So far we have had two pushes, but several times where ice has fell....I noticed few people here this hard to sell in?? Do many do it?? Also I feel that the only true way to sell in accounts is on a contract basicly xxx amount for DEC ,JAN ,FEB we handle all snow removel however still charged xxx amount regardless of snow fall. How is any of this sounding??? Maybe it isnt feasiable here.


Western CT
Contracts like this work well for commercail accounts. Most of the time the contractor makes out well. It is only during bad winters that you can be hurt by this type of contract. I set mine up for a certain amount of events per month. Anything over this or any "special services" call for a surcharge. I do not make these surcharges expensive. Usually they are just the cost of doing the work in order to keep the contract. If you receive more ice then snow I would definately look into salting. I would recommend a v-box. This will allow you to cover more accounts then using a smaller unit. Look into price and availiabilty before you price salting. If you do a search on here you will find many ideas for pricing. Good Luck.

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