salting sidewalks


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does anyone have a suggestion or tip on how to efficiently salt sidewalks of significant length, such as in condo complex. i have a lesco rotary spreader. i ask them today if they make a shield so as to direct salt out the front and they said no. they suggested thier drop spreader. anyone have other ideas or contraptions to use.

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Do a search here. I believe in another thread that someone mentioned buying Lesco sheilds for their Lesco spreader. If not you could maybe buy from another brand and modify it to fit yours.


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I use a good spreader that has a great adjustments. Prizelawn Bigfoot HVO is a fertilizer/salt spreader. An additional item is a side deflector. Purchase two deflectors and put them on each side. Works great! Spreader is about $400, little expensive just to spread salt.

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