salten walkways

GeoffD Veteran
Went buy a college yesterday and saw a maintmance guy salting the walkways. He had bulk salt in the back of a pick up. What he and another guy would do, is use a grain scoop, scoop up some salt. Then start walking down the walkway flicking a little salt off the scoop with a gloved hand, as they walked. Looked like It worked very well, or they have a lot of practice. Maybe something to try, if your walkways are too narrow for a spreader.



What about using a little hand held spreader.

I just salt 2 walks right now about 30 ft each, that is what I use, no problems. I just make sure I wash it out good after plowing for the day.

Bill c Veteran
Geoff I use a similar method when doing walks,I use a five gallon pail and flick it out as I walk.Using a walkbehind spreader is a pain in the a$$.


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i use the round 60# earthway spreader for walks and close the two side chutes
great for the back and no waste of salt

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I have been using the grain scoop and spackle bucket for years for the Mag or Calcium on walks. Sure beats carring around a fert spreader in the bed. The hand spreaders with the hand crank dont put enough material down and are too slow for my tastes. My galvanized grain scoop is at least 20 years old and is still basically rust free! Have gone through many buckets though.

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