Saltdogg stainless steel chain conveyer salt spreader


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We have 2 auger salters and one chain conveyer. Trying to figure out a way to keep the salt from falling in the truck bed all the time. We do wash after every storm but its just a pain to get it all out. I've thought about blocking it off but wasn't sure if the chain would bind up. Has anyone tried anything or just have to live with it?


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fairfield ct
I'm gonna ask in my own post, but,
Auger or conveyor, which is better?
I need to add a spreader to the fleet and like the idea of the auger and the salt staying in the hopper,
but dealer, older gentleman, feels the conveyor, and its mess, is better, more reliable, and that the augers jamb up more frequently,
so, which do you like better?
and a quick why,

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