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I have a new Lawn Company in Michigan this year I will be plowing and using salt. If any one could tell me how much I should be charging for the salt? Thanks for any help I can get:confused:

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No magic answers for you

At the risk of being a bit brusque here, I find this sort of question more than a little irritating.

You're asking for an answer to a question specific to YOUR operatin and are giving NO information about how you plan to do the job.

Are you using bulk or bagged material?

How big/what type is your spreader?

How big are the properties involved?

How long will it take you to load the spreader or travel to a supplier for each load?

What are you looking to get for a return on your equipment time?

In addition to all that, the prevailing rates are different here in VT than they are down in souther New England or the NY/NJ metro areas. So any answer may be quite valid for OUR areas but totally off the wall for yours.

I figure $180-200 for bulk salted that I treat with Magic. I make the most profit when I put it down with the 5 yd dump and hydraulic spreader (6 ton load), profit drops some when I go to the vee box (1.5 ton load) and still further if I'm running it through the tailgate hopper (750 lb load). That's all due to the number of trips to the bin that are required to cover X number of stops.

If I had to run bagged material that number would barely cover the material costs.

You have to know what your material costs are, what it costs to put the stuff down, how much you will apply and what the market area will bear.

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Boy Allen i would say you covered that question pretty good.
Ozman, i would agree with Allen once you either give the information required and post here i think you will get some the kind of response that will help you in determining your market and pricing.
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