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Stupid but serious Q:

Anyone ever ketch someone taking salt from your pile or bags from one of your pallets

[i think someone is taking some of my salt]

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Thanks for reminding me! Someone stole some salt from my broken down truck that was parked at the local garagegas station that I use. This guy told the guys pumping gas (they know me well & tried to tell him not to) that we were friends & that we share a yard together & that I would be OK with it. Never heard of the guy before this, so thanks for reminding me to pay my old friend a visit ;) Haven't heard anything but bad comments about the guy while trying to track him down. I've heard of it happening in the past here & there.

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Three years ago we caught two employees running a nice little 'side business' doing sidewalks, using our equipment and our salt (bagged).

It is one of the few times we actually filed charges and prosecuted an employee for theft.

They plead guilty and got probation.

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Good for you, John for following through. Sometime you just can't be "the nice guy" and you have to make a point. A lot of us have friends who do work for us but in a situation like that they are still, after all, an employee.


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I know my plow drivers in the winter do there own homes and take a few bags of salt hear and there- but help is so hard to find and the work is getting done so am I gonna ***** about a couple of bucks? I dont but i would like to-what can you do? It not easy to find guys to plow for you and shovel all hours of the night

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I guess I am lucky.

Side walk trucks go back to the shop each night. That brings back all the bagged stuff. If the trucks got a spreader on it, it spends the night in a heated garage.

I have some plow trucks that go home. However at the end of the shift the employee is too tired to do any more. If he picks up anything it will be residential, so I am not too worried. After 16 hours after the storm is over most stuff is done.

Had one employee who's route used to take 18 hours, because he had 2 lots he did with my truck. When an insurance claim came through for damaged landscape, I found out. He got fired, haven't had a problem after that.

We have one salt pile stored on site,due to the amount of salt required,and the distance to reload.It is in the corner of the mall,tarped at all times.Pretty much every time we go by,someone has been into it,especially with the shortage lately.It's just cheaper to leave it on site,and lose a little bit,rather than run trucks back and forth all the time.We have a tractor on site to load with anyways.Don't mind if they take a few buckets,just put the tarp back on !!


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Hey, I know a guy who gets his bigsander filled by the city, so he can plow streets( he has a contract) and then uses some of the salt on his private accounts...and charges them for it!!!

Real scab, hard to proveit though, he has it down to a science.


Two stories. At the auto repair shop where my friend works, the shop owner was kind enough to let a plow contractor park three trucks in his lot all winter (for free). This plow contractor would then have his guys meet at this lot, and go about their routes from there.

Now, if someone was kind enough to let me park three trucks in their lot all winter for free, the least that I would do would be plow and salt the lot. Very small, maybe 30 minutes at absolute most to complete.

Well, this guy never even lowered his blades when he drove out of the parking lot. So the property owner decided to get even. Each time the trucks returned, they were loaded with bagged salt. The building owner would then help himself to some of the bags, and by the end of the season, had quite a stockpile of salt.

Another one was a fellow that owned a few pieces of property seperated by an alley. This alley went nowhere, so it was the last thing on the towns list to get plowed and salted. This guy made a deal with the town, if they would supply the salt, he would salt the alley. IT was small, and he would go down to the towns salt pile, and get maybe 15 5 gallon buckets full of salt. Funny thing was that he stockpiled enough salt to last him an eternity.

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