salt spreaders????

Hey I know I'm asking a lot of questions but It's the only way I'm going to know anything. Do any of you use the salt spreaders that fit on the back of the truck and hold anywhere from 200 to 500 pounds of salt. they run off of a 12 volt motor and are controlable from the cab of the truck.
Looks like a lot of them on the market which one should I choose. Thanks again


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Try smith speaders there are electric and can hold from a 1yd up all stainless steel with cab controls.Ask plowking35 he has one.


We have both a v-box and a tail gate spreader. The tail gate spreader is great for starting out with when you don't need large quantities put down in a hurry. You can pick up a basic tail gate salter for around $700. They can go up in price to around $2000.


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I just graduated from a fertilizer spreader to a Buyers mini spreader. Need to use bagged salt, but so far so good. Saving me major time.

Since I do mostly small lots, my next spreader is going to be a Air-flo MSS.

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