salt spreaders Which one???

Discussion in 'Truck & Equipment Repair' started by bossplowguy, Feb 23, 2008.

  1. bossplowguy

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    Was thinking about adding a 1 ton dump truck. Which salter works better, a central hyd type with the pan that gets pinned to the box or a v box insert salter with the motor on it?
  2. JD Dave

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    Central hydraulics are better for both. Alot depends on the type of accounts you have. Smaller accounts go with a taigate salter, larger accounts a V-box. I can't stand taigate spreaders because I like pulling into a place and turning the spreader on untill it runs out. My smallest place takes 2 ton so I can make better time with the V box. JMO

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    I prefer the V box style. For the simple fact you don't have to mess with the dumping mech, plus the V box is self cleaning. I'm sure to each thier own but have you noticed the newer municipal units and how they are all mostly V box styles now. Plus if you decide to sell the dump and go bigger, smaller, newer or older it is much easyer to move the V box salter and the resale is higher too.

    For my Snoway V box spreader can be moved from one truck to another in about 20 min, that includes all the wiring. Trust me this is a valuable option, expecially if something major breaks during a storm.

  4. OP

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    guess I should have explained that better. Not a tail gate hopper type, but one like this.....

  5. JD Dave

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    That's the one Daff and I are talking about. IMO they are a pain, but that just me, others love them.
  6. OP

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    oh ok sorry well thanks for the info so far

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    Keep the trucks as simple as possible and leave your options open. By putting one of those things on the back of the truck it is only good on that truck. Plus get away from the steel stuff. STAINLESS is the only way to go, with some preventative maint. these units will last a long, long time. If you are serious about the V box spreaders stay with the gas ones. Expecially if they are 1.75yd or larger.

  8. basher

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    Look at the truckcraft TC-160 under tailgate.

    Sweet unit and allows you to carry a lot more material then the V boxes
  9. cincy snowdog

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    they all work well,
    1. v boxes
    sling salt great,
    but... alot of cleaning,maintenance and they tie up the truck bed.
    also storage and removal
    suck to cleanout if jammed.
    2.drop box spreader(under tailgate)
    sling salt great-adjustable spread pattern.(as far as if you want it offset to the side.)
    storage and removal issue but not as much as v box.
    truck is usable for other products when nice days just drop the top cover and remove spreader ,but no concrete or heavy stuff should get dumped over spreader.
    easy clean out if jammed,just drop the bottom door.
    light maintence with proper use.normal is bearing,hose,fitting or gyro motor.
    3. pickup dump insert,
    slings salt but lower rate.
    easy cleanout
    storage- minimum because gate is small
    can use truck fairly easy-remove the deicer or salter gate -insert stays
    electric components-you know electric and salt are issues.
    4.salt dogg-fine if dry salt but wet sucks
    electric pieces can breakdown
    storage and removal space
    not big capacity for size of unit
    was happy at first but not so........
    imo if it is a dump truck,the best one is the drop box--ole reliable
  10. Snowplow71

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    We have a Smith Series 4 for a Chevy WT3500, with an 8ft Fisher (see signature) and I love this salter! Stainless, and electric. No running out of gas, choke sticking, engine not firing, or something else. I also love the plow, hit salter switch salt and shut off and go on to next job! I HATE bags on a tail gate spreader. We use regular salt with sand and it hasn't froze accept once but the operator left it outside in -'F's with no cover. Also Smith has the "flip" shoot! My dad and I installed this salter in less than 3 hours. 2 1/2 If i remember correctly. If you want some pictures or other info let me know I'll get pictures!