Salt Shortage Sucks

Discussion in 'Ice Management' started by Bporter, Feb 15, 2008.

  1. Bporter

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    Anyone else having to go to all bag salt....I am I'm having 6 Skids Delivered today and six next week...This sucks ass..and it cost so much more than just bulk salt. All well what can we do. I guess 4.50 a bad deliverd isn't so bad. Let me know if anyone else is having to do this. Is that price good let me know.
    Brian Porter
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  2. lilweeds

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    Actually since bagged is usually drier than bulk the cost difference is marginal. The big problem with bags is it's a pain in the ass to load your spreaders!
  3. Burkartsplow

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    that is not a good price per bag delivered. the one thing about bag is that it is more effective them balk you wont need to use as much, but loading it is a PITA...
  4. Plowin in VT

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    What about using a sand/salt mix? I had to switch to that for the drives up here when the salt supply dried up, and am using bagged only for walks. I priced out switching to bagged, and I'd end up losing money each time I salted!
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    This being my 1st year w/ a v-box I still have my other truck set up for bags so, the shortage isn't too bad for us. We actually found a local "box store" that had salt "on sale". We got as much as we could afford at the time which was 6 pallets.
    My bulk supplier called yesterday and said he could get me a load or 2 for now as he's gotten some but it is being rationed. So, we're not out of the woods yet.
    BTW, tried some pure sand last week and the sh*! was so wet it froze in the box and had to let it sit in the shop for 2 days b/f I could get it to flow w/ some help. What a PITA!!!

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    Back to bags

    Around the Cleveland area its all bags too. Just found that out today everbodys out of bulk salt . Well see how next week will go hopefully we get the bulk salt back . All I heard today was the salt mine was shut down because they were sending salt up to Michigan for triple the price. Now were out of salt ! For the first time this year we had to buy bags just got the last pallet of 80s.
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    Got 62 tons Thursday with out any issue. Called it in at 2:00 am and had three truck deliver by 6:30-7:00 am. Supplyer said no issues.. I dont use bag so I am not sure. Who is everybody???

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    I mean everbody

    I mean everbody Abraxas , Reliabe, Kurtz Brothers. City View I mean everbody Cargill stop suppling everbody today. Well see how long it last.
  9. stroker79

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    the company i sub for has 100 semis driving the salt to us from PITTSBURG! $120 a delivered ton
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    This may be a stupid question, but why is there a salt shortage this year???

    I've just noticed the salt we've been getting at work is starting to show up chunky, crappy, etc. Could be a sign of the shortage you guys are talking about.
  11. stroker79

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    well for our area, the barges are stuck, frozen in the mississippi river. its not a supply issue from the mine, theres plenty there, its just getting it to us is the issue
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    I can see that, but I don't understand why some people are saying we're having a salt shortage in NE as well. We're about 500 feet from the atlantic ocean and a few miles from some major ports.
  13. Snowguy01

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    Our dock just sold the last of the salt for us now we are shut down I got 35 ton left Cant understand why every year they run out. they know winters are bad and this year sucked so far up here.fpr snow
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    well we could just all start using fluid film instead of salt. :D
  15. T-MAN

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    Salt does not end up on the docks just in case you have a bad winter. Its all planed and mined and delivered by the order. Who would have known most guys around here were at 130% by Jan ?
    Very few commit and prepay for there salt. So why would you expect your supplier to commit and "front" you your 130% that you might not take ! Then when you need another 70% over your fall order who's to blame ? Maybe everyone should pay 130% in Oct, for there salt. I bet there would be plenty on the docks then.
    The guys that ***** on here about how they cant get salt when "they need it" are the ones who have commited, and payed for jack.
    Most suppliers can cover there good customers till the Muni's start locking down piles at the docks. The rest they let fend for themselves....
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  17. Superior L & L

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    opps double post
  18. Trucking has been the only issue with us but it looks good..
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    I have 10-20 tons extra in SW chicago burbs if somebody is interested in it. You have to pickup. PM me if you want it.
  20. stroker79

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    Plus around here its not that we are over our promise amount its that its stuck, frozen in the river on barges. Youd think they would be doing all they can to get it freed up so it can be sold so they are not having to sit on it all summer or pay to have it float back to the mine.