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Salt/sand Pricing in Stamford, Darien,Norwalk CT area

Discussion in 'Ice Management' started by Jean, Oct 7, 2006.

  1. Jean

    Jean Junior Member
    Messages: 15

    I have read so many posts on this site that my head is spinning. Need help on how to price salted sand applications. I have seen 2 ways described here, per application and per weight used. What would be better for me (specs below)? My bf has plowed for 6 years for others, commercial and driveways but this is first time pricing sand and salt.

    Specs: Private road contract ~20 miles including some back and forth. Need to plow width of a 2 car passage. Client requested salted/sand mix and nothing else for melting and traction.

    1) Price/application. Could this method handle spot sanding by charging partial applications eg using the percentage of actual yards used / estimated full pass yards? related question: I am assuming 7 yards of salt/sand usage per application. Am I in the ballpark?

    2) Price /ton or yard with other costs grossed in (driver and truck time$150/hr + procurement time + loading time+ truck depr/est# of passes). Are salt/sand prices quoted by yard or ton usually in my area? I am located in Southeast CT. Would quote price to customer in yards or ton usage based on how suppliers quote.

    4) I could use sand/salt supplier recommendation for this area close to Stamford/Darien/Norwalk.

    5) Considering converting '97 F-250 to a dually and have dump truck with HIAB modified scoop arm follow and load 3 yd v-box on F-250 as necessary. Any comments on this set-up welcome.

    Any help at all greatly appreciated.