Salt/sand application timing


Checked search feature...didn't really answer my question. When you actually go out to do an application of anything is it based on your opinion that it is necessary or is it done on an on-call basis??


Topsham Maine
It all depends on how you have it set up with the customer . My insurance company told me that I should make it an on call basis. There reasoning was to limit your exposures to law suites. They feel that you can't tell if it is icy 5 mile away. My personel feeling is that if I feel that is unsafe I will sand even if the customer dosen't call this even lessons the exposure to law actions.

Mick Veteran
Depends on the customer. I have some that I have specified that I will wait for them to call me for sanding. One has specifically told me that he is leaving the plowing and sanding up to me. In the contract I gave him it says that I will usually be sanding any time I plow. He lives on a private road with a couple of small hills. At the bottom of each hill I put one of those big trash cans and filled them with sand/salt. I also sand each hill as needed when I plow.

Got to love customers like that. I have a 3" trigger and last snow was 2" so I didn't plow. He emailed me that next time I should go ahead and plow. He also asked me to plow two more places on that road and bill him.:D payup