Salt pricing

n y snow pros

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I have heard rumors that salt prices will rise dramatically for next year.Even though we are along way off from buying salt for next season,has anyone heard the same.Please tell me i am wrong as i certainly do not want to pay higher salt prices as it was hard enough to get salt in the first place.
John P


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Albany NY
Yeah I heard something similar. When I bought Magic from you in February you were selling salt already sprayed with magic for less then I was buying straight salt for right from the port. I read some article a while back that the mine that supplies most of the salt to New York ran out. I don't know if it was temporary or permanent. It didn't sound good.

Michael F

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Rochester, NY
The mine that used to supply us(NY) collapsed several years ago, it was in Livingston County. New company bought the reserves and got state contract. They have a new mine, problem is the transport systems aren't fully operational. They couldn't keep up this past winter, supposed to be at full capacity for next season. This was on the news sometime back(when there was the shortage) so I hope I recalled evrything correctly. The new company is called American Rock Salt, their in Hampon Corners NY.