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    I wanted to post this in the thread entitled "Price Check", because it pertains to the comments made in that thread, however, that thread has been closed.

    Many folks were balking at high prices posted by some, while others were posting dirt cheap prices. It is a simnple business philospohy.

    RB posted that he can buy salt from Rochez Bros. for $39/ton. Others are paying upwards of $65-100 per ton. Rochez. Bros is right on the Mongehelea River, and they have their salt brought in on barges.

    Now, that is a relativly direct way of getting salt. IT is an economicial way of shipping large quantities of material to a general location.

    So, RB buys his salt almost directly off the barge. Here is why others will pay a higher price. BArges can only go to certian areas, namely where there is a sufficent channel depth to permit their navigation. So, if you want to buy salt an hour or so away from the port, it must be trucked there. That trucking company is going to make a buck off that salt. It is then dropped off at local supply yards, and they again will make a buck off of that salt. Everyone that handles that salt will make a buck off of it, including you that spreads it. So, the more people that get their hands on that salt, the higher the prices.

    I am pretty sure that you could get salt very, very cheap if you went directly to the salt mine to pick it up.
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    Straight salt $72/ton at the supply yard, 30 miles from where any barge has any hope of docking.
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    Straight salt $70.00ton at closest supply yard to my accounts, 45 miles from pier where salt arrives. Can get it for $60.00 if I want to drive 15 minutes in the wrong direction.
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    Bill doesnt Russo Bros stock pile salt?? What is their price?
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    Yes they do, but 1) the quality of their sand/salt mix (all I use, no straight salt) leaves much to be desired-not much sand, more like river silt, and 2) they run bankers hours, I go a couple miles north to American Materials they are open 24 hours if we have a storm. Plus, I have an open account there (cant see spending my coffee money on sand) and the woman at the scale house pretty fine-no hair on her knuckles like at Russo ;)

    I do not know what Russo gets for salt, but their sand prices are a buck a ton cheaper but as I stated its a lower quality also.
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    I stopped by Russo's this am after sanding my accounts, they get $65 ton for salt.
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    Hey Lawnguy,

    I am looking for another supplier, how do I get in touch with American Materials?

    Can't have enough vendors and contactsin this business!

    How about a phone # and address
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    Russo Bros
    321 W Service Rd (North Meadows opposite the dump)
    Hartford CT
    They generally deal in bulk sand salt gravel stone topsoil

    American Materials Corp
    100 Old Iron Ore Rd (opposite Kaman aircraft)
    Bloomfield CT 06002
    Also deal in sand salt stone topsoil, also mulch and other more refined landscaping materials. They also accept bulk fill (concrete stone etc) for recycling.

    Greencycle Landscape Products
    25 Brixton St (at the old town incinerator)
    West Hartford CT 06110
    They deal in landscape products but also are one of the few places besides municipal landfills that accept yard waste for disposal, at a nominal fee ranging from 24/ton for wood chips to 60/ton for large stumps over 2 feet.

    If you need more let me know and I can go rummaging thru my files.
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    My prices

    Our yard is open 24 hours during storms too, and we sell a lot of salt mixed with a nice sharp washed sand for $45.00 per yard. We buy our salt off of the barge, have it delivered to our yard, and sell it for $93.75 per cubic yard. We also have a magic treated pile, and straight sand, in addition to bagged products. I mark up the products in order to make a living, but provide long hours and service to make it worthwhile for customers. Our location in West Haven, CT is convenient for a busy part of Route 1, just West of New Haven. Our customers don't need to drive all over creation to save a few bucks unless they are really compelled to do so. I agree with Jaclawn that by the time we re-sell the salt it costs more, but quite simply that is the price of convenience.
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    Id rather pay $45/ton when I need it than $25/ton 12 hours after the fact. Slip-and-falls dont wait. Also sux to show up at an account and see a dozen cars waiting at the bottom of an icy hill ;)
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    If you guys ti CT are going to stock pile product I think there is a place in Westfield MA I want to say 40.00/ton but I cant find my notes. Westfield Sand & Graval Rings a bell if you cant find anythig email me I'll try to dig it up.
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    The price for the salt in MA sounds good, question is what is the trucking cost? Thats what adds to the price.

    For some strange reason, truckers don't like hauling through CT...

    Used to deal with Schoenberg Salt in and around NYC years ago, and all I heard was complaints about having to come into CT.
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    Good point wch&g, my suppliers, I go there and they load my truck, its cheaper if you go further up the food chain and buy in larger quantities.
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    I actually had my main Contractor send a triaxle to John Parkers place to pick up a load of Magic Salt.

    Was quicker and easier that way. Trying to suggest to him that he take on being a Magic Dealer in this area to make things easier for all of us in SW Connecticut. But he is hesitant!
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    Thats price was out of memory so don't quote me on it. As for the trucking if you can't truck it yourself I'd try and find someone in your area to haul it for you. How much do you use? I find it cheaper to mix it my self about 20% salt. Again if you can't find the Westfield location let me know I'll dig it up
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    Just this afternoon we paid $55/ton delivered, on a tractor trailer load - don't remember how many tons.