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    This will be my First full season of snow removal and need help with salt coverages for estimating purposes. I am purchasing a hitch spreader since I don’t have a skid steer to load a vbox salter. What is the (general) coverage per one 50 lb. bag of rock salt. I know this will vary based on how much snow and freezing conditions but ball parks would really help. Thanks in advance for any assistance!

    Bulk Salt- what sq. Footage does a ton of bulk salt cover?
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    Bulk ,1 ton -3-4 acres .50 lb bag =3-4 k sq ft
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  3. You want this information fast, do a search. Make for some good reading all kinds of information your looking for. Good Luck
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    At 30°f As little as 75 pounds of rock salt can treat 1 acre.

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    According to that wouldn't it be 33lbs or 22 prewetted with other blends...
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  7. 800 LBS rock salt per acre is rule of thumb. I find it to be over kill. Still a good number to go with.