Salt before snow

Alan Addict
Yes, that's the best way to prevent a buildup of packed snow. You will also use less material than if you wait and try to burn off snowpack after the fact.

John Allin Addict
Erie, PA
One of the challenges to pre-salting is the perception on the part of the customer that you are charging them for material that they don't yet need. On per pound, per ton, or per occurrence pricing structures the customer has difficulty comprehending the (proven) benefits of this practice.

However..... if you're charging a seasonal flat amount and deicing is included.... it's the ONLY way to go. Studies by DOT's all over the USA have proven that you can save as much as 30% in material costs for the season (as long as you apply the material properly and at the correct times).

Long winded answer to your question.....

Short Version..... yes, we do... and yes, it works.

Mark Oomkes

PlowSite Fanatic
Grand Rapids, MI
Yes, we have been doing it for several years for the same reasons John stated. So far no problems with our customers, but I don't think we have applied and it hasn't snowed, yet.