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Discussion in 'Business Fundamentals' started by dfdsuperduty, Jul 25, 2009.

  1. dfdsuperduty

    dfdsuperduty Senior Member
    Messages: 597

    What have most found effective for getting the first 10-15min in front of the property manager/owner to get the bid process started?
  2. grandview

    grandview PlowSite Fanatic
    Messages: 14,609

    Try a phone call and ask for an appointment
  3. RLM

    RLM PlowSite.com Addict
    Messages: 1,270

    After 15 years I have yet to have a sales "meeting" with a property manager. I have gone to HOA board meetings where they are there & met with clients (business owners/managers). Property managers have some say, but I have found as a general rule they do as they are directed to by the board (complie bids/proposals), then submit it for the boards decision. You can ask for meetings but most will tell you to mail it in.
  4. ColumbiaLand

    ColumbiaLand Senior Member
    Messages: 790

    Your best bet to get infomation on bids and specs is just to make a simple phone call, then you can start to get to know the property manager and show them what you have to offer, dont be afraid to sell SIMA to them if your a member, and if your not a would suggest that you join. Invite the owner/pm/hoa board to look at the SIMA website. Most of these people just think that were guys with plows. Its our job to show them that this is a professional industry. Sometimes showing them the difference can make all the difference when it comes to choose who gets the contract, remember its not always about price. Oh by the way most property managers if they do make the decsion of contracts dont always have to to meet so send them wht you can by fax or email bid wise and then always follow up after a couple days. If you do land somthing from them and you do a good job there could be more down the road. good luck
  5. dfdsuperduty

    dfdsuperduty Senior Member
    Messages: 597

    I have done ok with running local ads and business call me however I would love to become more pro active. I have attempted to try and find HOA's listed on the web and they are very few and far between. Any ideas on how to find a list of HOA's or to find out where to find where and when they meet? I know I am asking for a lot of info that has taken some years to discover so hopefully I don't offend anyone. With that being said what is the best way to find and contact property managers. I know just opening the phone book and start calling however is there a way to contact for specific properties. I know a lot of people think that Lowes, Menards, Walmart, Meijers etc... are the holy grail of plowing however I would like to focus on obtaining more medical facilities, professional buildings, malls etc... to be the big box stores want it done for nothing and I am in this business to make a profit which I thought everyone was however more often than not I am proven wrong. I am completely legit 5mil gen liability, 1mil/500k commercial auto, 10mil umbrella, workmen comp ins. etc.... now its just a matter of getting some more accounts.
  6. big acres

    big acres Senior Member
    Messages: 653

    Join professional organizations like CAI & BOMA that cater to managers, buiding maintenance staff, and homeowners. Attend any meeting possible. Don't waste money running local ads and yellow pages -advertise in their publications. Google property management for your area and visit their offices, be prepared for rejection. Sales is a numbers game. Visit enough offices and sooner or later while the receptionist is politely trying to show you the door... a manager will walk by and give you a few minutes. Scr#w the "holy grales" like the big box stores -I'd rather make the same amount doing a medical clinic 1/4 the size by giving them bare pavement at all times.