Sad Sad Day!

Discussion in 'Commercial Snow Removal' started by brimow, Mar 15, 2001.

  1. brimow

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    It was a sad day today. Took the plow off the truck...summerized it. Took the spreader off....summerized it. No more good excuses to stay out late anymore. Guess I'll have to start mulching now.... lifes ruff!
  2. CCLC

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    I hear ya man.

    We just took everything off the other day except 1 plow and one v-box.

    We even did a few small clean ups yesterday.

  3. earth works inc.

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    Ditto in Dayton. Have 2 v-boxes off and all of the plows but kept one v-box on just in case. Maybe tonight - lite dusting.

    Started the mulching - got 120 yards down so far. wish it would snow so i could get rid of the salt.

    I believe spring is here.
  4. plowjockey

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    Call me Rob if it is in bulk form and you want to move a lot. I can have the salter back on the big red beast in 45 minutes flat including going to get the truck where I park it.

  5. Mike Nelson

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    Just think now you can stay out drinking and don't have to worry about plowing:D