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Dear Chuck, I know that you and I have never spoken, I am Bryan T. Hollands wife. And I know that Bryan and you emailed each other. He said that he was the only snow plow manufacturer online with you guys, and this site was very important to him. He loves getting on everyday and chatting and checking the message boards. I just wanted to let you all know that Bryan had a massive stroke on Wednesday and we took him off life support today. He passed at 12:27pm today. I am still trying to absorb all of this, but I know that he would want all of you to know. He loved his job with Sno-way and he was very good at it. He loved being a part of your forum and learned alot from all of you. Please pass on the word and I'll let you know about arrangements. Thank you from all of us and especialy thanks from Bry.

Many of us spoke to Bryan regularly. The man was only 35 years old. I hate to be the bearer of bad news. I am also at a loss for words. We will pray for his wife and family.

Chuck Smith

Chuck Smith

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Bryan was the FIRST manufacturer rep to post on here "in uniform". By that I mean there may be others, but they didn't tell us they were reps. The rules state that manufacturers can't even mention that they are, unless they sponsor PlowSite. Bryan broke that rule, and I for one let him get away with it. I think it was great that he had the moxie to stand up for his product, and support it in a public forum. He took all criticism, good and bad. When a member had a problem with one of his plows, he went out of his way to correct the problem. If you owned a Sno-Way, you knew you could post here and Bryan would help you in any way he could. He will be sorely missed.

Not only did he support his product, but he did it tactfully. He did NOT try and promote Sno-Way in every post. He admitted to the product faults we mentioned, and I am sure he relayed our input to the factory.

Some of us might remember, that when Eric ELM had a stroke, Bryan was the first one to post it here for us. He was one of "us" in a big way, and his PlowSite/LawnSite/********** family will miss him.

I wish I could be more eloquent with words, but this is the best I can do right now. He was only a year older than me, and that really hits home.


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That is very sad to hear. I didnt know him but still wanted to join in and give my blessings to his friends and family. That is very young and it kind of makes you think that you never know from one day to the next what is gonna happen. Having the great bunch of guys we have here, im sure this topic will get many more replies and everyone will send their condolences to his friends and family and everyone who knew him. Mike


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How unfortunate. My thougts are definitely with his family during this time of unexpected loss. I am at a loss for words, but hope that the fact that he was respected by his fellow Plowsite members brings just a touch of joy where there is certainly an empty sadness.

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My deepest condolenses to Bryan's wife and family. He will be sorely missed. Like the rest, I'm at a loss for words right now. Bryan was "one of the guys" whether he actually plowed snow or not.


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I find it comforting when a time of need arises here at Plowsite, we circle the wagon train around those involved. News like this makes you reflect on what's really important.

God bless Bryan and his family.

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Bryan was a great guy. Whenever I had a question or problem, he would never hesitate to help me out, and never asked for anything in return. He was a true asset to SnoWay and to all of us here at Plowsite as well. It's sad that things like this tend to happen to such good people. He will be sorely missed.

Our thoughts and prayers are with you Mrs. Hollands. God bless.


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I truely do not know what to say at the moment.... I just received an email from Chuck as Bryan's wife had emailed him to try and let me know. She knew how good of friends me and Bryan had became. We talked via AIM almost daily and were always talking about anything from the plows and salters he was a rep for to his own family and kids. I am SO glad that I just had the priviledge to meet Bryan in Kentucky at the EXPO. He was just as great a guy in person as I had met on the forum and messenger. Bryan had even convinced me into buying the SnoWay OptaFlow spreader when I contacted him for info. He will truely be missed by all that knew him.

I will keep Bryan and his family in my prayers.

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I am terribly sorry to here such sad news.Our prayers are with bryans family.Bryan was a big asset to Plowsite and he was one of the regulars who would post or give his response to a subject throughout the year.He wasnt a seasonal guy he was a "snow guy"
God bless his family
John Parker
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Wow, it is shocking to hear about it. Never knew him personally but I know that he was a good guy and friendly. God bless.
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I have been a member here for a while, though I do not post alot. I have come to understand the relationships that have been forged on this website. Where one agrees or disagrees there always seems to be a tremendous amount of respect for each other.Bryan seemed to have what it took toget his point across without disregaurd for someone elses opinion. Why do the good ones always go so early. We will all miss him.

God bless his family.

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Having just read a thread on the professional and courteous manner that this site has I’m saddened to learn of the passing of one of the people who made it professional and courteous. This site is now a little less professional and courteous because of this tragedy. My deepest condolences to Bryan’s family and friends.


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My deepest condolences to Bryan's wife and the Hollands family. I did not personally know Bryan but I do remember reading his posts. He will me missed. I pray for the Hollands family.


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I know that I am not a member, but I am his wife so I guess that it counts. I am overwhelmed by you all. I guess that I didn't realize how many lives my husband touched. I sit here with his sister and my heart is just full of love for all of this. I know that when Eric passed, Bryan was devistated, and he felt he really belonged here. You were all so important to him. I would spend many a night sitting here with him reading your threads and post. He did take his job very seriously and he excepted that everything that Sno-Way made wasn't perfect and if you let him know he did send it to home office.

I want all of you to know that you are all welcome to come if you can to his service. You all became part of our family and I didn't realize how big our family was.

Visitation: Tuseday August 20th 2:00-8:00 pm at Shirley Brothers Mortuary 9606 East Washington Street Indianapolis, Indiana 317-897-9606

Services will be held on Wednesday August 21st at 10:00 am

you are all invited from the bottom of my heart and there will be a "Life Celebration Luncheon" afterwards and I would be honored to have you be a part of this with us.

I can't express in words how wonderful your site is and how much it means to me to see all this for Bry. He wouldn't believe it.

When winter come and the first snow falls, raise your plows for Bryan. He can see. And he will watch over all of you.

With all my love Beth Holland


Mrs. Chuck Smith
Hi's Chuck's wife Chris. I just wanted to pass on some information. Donations can be sent to the following address:

Bryan Holland Family Trust Fund
c/o Union Federal Savings Bank
250 North Shadeland
Indianapolis, IN 46219

If you want to send flowers: Paul's Florist (317) 353- 2166.

I hope this information helps.

Beth, you and your family are in our prayers,

Chris Coulman-Smith

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