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hey guys, my 86 S10 doesn't want to idle<br>again. i changed the tbi gasket and iac motor<br>about 2 months ago, it ran fine till now.is<br>there something that,s causing the iac to <br>burnout, i don't want to keep replacing iac's<br>every two months. i know the iac isn't doing <br>its job, when i cover the port that let's <br>air in, the engine rpm drops and will die<br>if i don't let a little air pass through.<br>thanks for any help.<br>4LOW


Senior Member
Wear did you get the IAC from. The after market parts are cheap, But they are not of the same quality. Also you might want to check the IAC drivers in the ECM. You can ground the A to B terminals on the ALDL. Little black connecter under the left side of the dash. and watch the IAC pintel go in and out. You might want to make a trip to the library and get the manual. They have the specs on how it sould be checked. It might be time for a REMAN ECM. If you do decide to replace the ECM. Only get one from the dealer. I have never had A none Dealer GM ECM last more than a year. If they worked at all.<br>Good Luck.