$'s for res. yearly contract, how much for annual snowfall.

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    Hello I'd like to know how much people charge for a yearly contract for a residental drive and what your average annual snowfall accumilation is. Here on westside of Clvevland its about 50 inches and people I know get between $200-$300 for a yearly contract. For those of you that get like a 100 or 150 inches a season what kind of dollars are you seeing for a yearly residental contract.

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    Here in West Michigan, an average two car drive is about $225 this year. We average 72 inches. Thats a yearly rate, paid up front usually, and usually with a 1 or 1.5 inch trigger.
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    We don't do any residential on a yearly basis, all by the push, but our low end residential comes in at $15 per push and we average 14 pushes, so that would be $210 yearly. That's with a four inch trigger, no salting, and our average is 80" per season.
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    I'm getting $200/month for an apartment complex. It's basically a little bigger than an average two-car driveway. It's an easy one though... drop the blade, push it all straight back, and I'm done. Oh... and salt.
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    We charge our residential per storm up to 10" then charged another 50% most of our residential accounts are around $40.00 per storm and around 12 storms average. Our commercial goes on a monthly bill only not per storm we estimate our commercial at 15 storms and most are around $3,500.00 paid in 6 month payments no extra charge on commercial on large storms we make it up on the 15 estimate and has been extreamly profitable.
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    I would say we get roughly the same snowfall totals as you do West of Cleveland. This season we're doing residentials for $300, plowing only - no shovelling, paid up front. Per plow your looking at $40, but we aren't offering that this year.

    BTW where abouts are you? My grandparents live in Parma Heights.
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    I work in Westlake, Rocky River, and Fairview Park. Are you serious about $40.00 per push, are these large estates or $150,000 houses. I get form $20.00 to $27.00 per drive, with a 2 inch trigger depth.
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    Yeah, I'm serious. But we don't go after residentials, if we did then we'd probably have to price 'em at around $30/plow. The few residentials we have are some of our lawn care customers who aren't worried about price, they just want it to be done by us. Also, we seldom see more than 10 plowable storms around here, so only making $200 per driveway just isn't worth it.

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    200 yearly ,call in plowing around 30 per drive
    akron ohio