s-10 blazer extra lift ?'s

I have a 1985 s-10 blazer 4x4 and i have a few lifting questions.
I have this truck mainly just for driving around and i dont really wanna put that much money into it just yet but i do wanna lift it and put bigger tires on it. i am putting a 3" body lift on my truck and i was wondering is there any cheap ways to make my s-10 high enough to fit 33/12.50 under it and still have some turning radius.

And would add-a-leaf work to make it high enough even though i dont have coil springs in front?


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Fairbanks AK
What's up Blazerboy, welcome to the forum. I had a friend in HS who had an 84 S10 blazer, and he had a 3" body lift, add-a-leaf in the back, and cranked torsion bars in the front. Your rig doesn't have coil springs in the front, but torsion bars, and they are adjustable, but what you get in ride height you lose in ride quality. This thing rode like a tank, but had no problem fitting 31x10.50R15 tires. He also had bushwhacker cutout fender flares which give you large wheel wells (via sawzall). I think he could have fit 33's on it, but who knows without seeing the tires on it. 4wheel parts tire fitment guide says that you'd need 3" to fit 31" tires, and that with fender flares 32" would fit. Those are pretty big tires to spin with that little 2.8 (I assume) motor. I know Matt's truck had a lot of trouble around town with 31's, and you HAD to use low range to do anything off road. The truck looked really good with 31's on it, I'll see if I can't dig up some photos.



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Rear leaf spring shakle lift, and crank up the front tortion bars will get you around 3" for around 20 bucks. I've done this to several s10's and clear bigger tires but never tried 33's, good luck:cool: