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Do you have any good tips on combating rust on plow vehicles I recently went through a jiffy lube and they thought the truck had been in a flood


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Before the plowing season, spray the underside of the truck with diesel fuel and motor mix, and in the spring do the same. Of course follow all applicable enviromental guidelines.

Chuck Smith

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Like what Dino was saying, you could also spray it with boiled linseed oil instead. Careful, the stuff isn't easy to get off once sprayed, and it can be messy. Don't get it on any exhaust pipes, or the stench of it burning will be unbearable!


Snow Pro

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Keep it clean and don't park it next to a salt pile. I heard that just having the sodium in the air nearby will contribute to rust.

n y snow pros

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Yeah its the same Magic which we spray salt with.I dont think a backpack sprayer will work because the tip is too small and it would probably clog.We use a Plastic spray bottle like a Fantastic spray bottle and it works well.The only down side is that its sticky and smells like beer.