rudely awakened while plowing

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I was plowing an army reserve lot this morning. Everything is going great, besides being half asleep. All of a sudden BAM!. Sounded like a high power rifle went off in the cab. About killed the truck stopping it. Eyes flying over the guages, oil pressure fine, temp fine. No funny noises after the initial bang. Stopped, opened the hood. Everything fine. Clutch hadn't exploded. But the sound of it was unlike any mechanical failure I've ever encountered.

Start plowing again, wide awake now. Running possible explanations through my mind. Finally figured since I was on a army lot, maybe somebody dropped a live round on the ground. My blade somehow managed to hit the primer and set off the shell.

Wasn't until about an hour later that the evidence appeared.
I happened to look down next to my shifter, and there lying in shreds was a lighter. That same lighter had been on the dash by my defroster vent earlier in the morning. Guess it got hot and blew up. Chunks of plastic all over. And I was so asleep I didn't even see it explode, just felt and heard it.

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Cary, IL
I would use this as a learning experience.

1. Never do that again...


2. Throw one up there every 30-minutes, that way you'll have one go off every half-hour to keep you awake.

Personally, option 1 sounds like the way to go.



Glad you're still with us, better get the 12v coffee maker for the plow truck!

I don't know about those bic lighters

Thank you Zippo Company, I'll take the lighter fluid burn on my leg any time.

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