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    Does any one know where I can get custom pre cut flooring for my truck. My carpet floors are trashed after this winter. I would like to have something that wont absorb the water from getting in and out during the winter. Let me know if you know of any good companies. Thanks Mike
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    Not to Hi-jack the thread but I would like to know as well. The carpets from landscaping and plowing have turned it to poop
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    guys this is y when u get a new truck u take whole pices of carpet from like in the house and put them down. then put a rubber mat over it and ur good to go. u dont really need the rubber mat thou. carpet gets nasty u toss it.
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    when you get a new truck ask for the carpet delete, save cash and headache of trying to keep it clean/dry
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    Rip the carpet poop out and Rhino Line it!
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    Thanks that is what im looking for......
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    I think Bass Pro sells a mat that is turned up on all the sides so it will hold in any moisture or dirt. From the pictures that I remember seeing, the turn up looks to be about an inch tall. If they don't have them look for a outdoor/ sportsman supplier.. :drinkup::drinkup:
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    Buy Weathertech floor liners, they are the best thing known to man for covering your carpet. They are form fitted to your floor and the matt extends over your rocker, so the the water runs out your doors. I have tried everthing and these are the best.
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