Rubber on Pro Wings


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I just got done putting a set of Pro Wings on today. I installed the rubber with the plow down on a level concrete surface. When I tested the plow though the rubber wants to fold under like they are installed too low on the wings. Is this how they are supposed to be?
I had the same thing happen, and it seems the rubber actually lifts the blade up slightly, because it clears alot cleaner with the wings off. Should I try to trim the rubber off a bit on the outside edge or is there a better fix?


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Yes they will wear fast, so they will wear to the correct level soon, unless you have them mounted way too low. Since you positioned them while using a nice level surface I'm guessing you're close enough to let them wear in.

What you are describing sounds like they are mounted wrong (too low). It should really be like one long edge, not lifting the blade up. Take the rubber off, find a nice level surface, reposition them to be even with the edge. Then redrill the new holes & re mount. That's one good thing about them, they're easy to work with.

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