Rubber edge on Pro Wings

Discussion in 'Truck & Equipment Repair' started by TL697, Feb 14, 2008.

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    I have a question about mounting the rubber edge on Pro Wings...

    I put a set on about a month ago, and I put them on as the instructions described w/ the rubber edge overlapping the plow cutting edge just a little...

    It seems that they never stay there, though. They get pushed back behind the edge and usually rip in the process...

    If I were using them strictly for well groomed lots, I might be fine, but some of my lots transition from pavement to gravel and there are definitely some areas of ice, debris, etc...

    I just received (2) new rubber cutting edges, and before I mount them, I wanted everyone's opinions on the best way to mount them...

    I was going to just mount them flat on the Pro Wings pushed tight against the plow edge. I know that they will not be as sturdy and may allow a little blow-by, but it sure beats ripping a new set every storm...
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    I have mine bolted in three places -two lower and one nearer the top and they stay put. While I have your attention I haven't had mine on a plow in a while and I have all the hardware but I need the measurements as to where the brackets mount and where the 1" hole goes. Can you email me these or fax a copy of the instructions.
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    :gunsfiring:i just put mine on new this year and have same slip off problem so after 3rd plow i moved in another 1/2 inch and dang it the still slip o i looked @ all on other trucks and they all seem to slip:gunsfiring: good luck
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    This is a common problem for pro wings. I finally went to my local polymer supplier and replaced them with a piece of 1" thick by 6" high HDPP (high density polypropylene). You can use HDPE (high density poly ethylene) also if the former isn't available. They wear well and won't leak snow. They aren't as sensitive to gravel or curbs as the stock rubber ones are. Oh, BTW the bolts won't pull thru them either. Good luck, Al

    PS, I found the install inst and will send to you e-mail. It's a pdf file. Hope this helps, Al
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    lets see some pics
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    seen a post a couple of day's ago a guy made his own pro wings and he made his edge's out of old tire tread ,old truck tires would make some pretty tough cutting edges ,get some old 900 20 dump truck tire's that got punkscherd on the side wall .
  7. abbert55

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    I sold the plow 5 weeks ago as I bought a new Blizzard 860 SpeedWing. I found this pic from Jerre's Service and it is the same thing I did.

  8. TBarOMT

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    I threw the pro wing rubber away and cut 16" strips of an old semi tire, tread to the back so the natural curve of the tire collects more snow
  9. TBarOMT

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    Here are some pictures of my plow with the truck tires on the wings.... Getting soft around here, I am ashamed of the mud on my blade

    skidsteer pro-wing 2.jpg

    skidsteer pro-wing.jpg
  10. abbert55

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    Yup, this looks like it's the way to go. Covers the entire area and will not effect the trip of the blade:nod:
  11. wahlturfcare

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    i did the same thing abbert did with plastic. It works much better and scrapes better too. Plus, i can go up against curbs.

    from ohio
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    i also used the yellow poly...just like the picture fron jerre's

    four seasons now and going strong

    makes the plow "hop" when back dragging but still well worth it

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    Used a pice of old conveor belt. Works great!! Tires look like they can do the job too.