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Mark Oomkes

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Grand Rapids, MI
If this has been discussed before I apologize. I've seen all the discussion about charging for X amount of times per storm--but that's assuming you can get around more than once per storm. We try to average 6 hours plowing per route (whether that is one truck or truck and loader working together).

Just wondering what everybody else figures for a full route??

GeoffD Veteran
Residentials about 12 hours from start to finish.

Commercial, if the storm ends at midnight and we start then, we have everything done by 11 am. We have some places that don't open before 11 or so.


4 Saisons

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Routes above 4 to 6 hrs, during storms we assure that can go works, come back for lunch and no problems get in at the end of the days.

Mr Diamond on a 12 hours routes. How do you managed the drift and snowbanks left by the city snowplow after you done the driveway.

GeoffD Veteran
Mr Diamond on a 12 hours routes. How do you managed the drift and snowbanks left by the city snowplow after you done the driveway. 4 saisons

It has never been a problem, in the company was started 50 years ago by my dad. F 250 HD or F 350 and an 8.5 or 9' Diamond plow can move any snow thats in the way. We have moved 18" of snow before with an F 150 and an 8' fisher but this was back in the 80s. I don't understand what the problem is with the city's snow bankings. If the storm is under 6" we plow once, if it is over 6" we plow twice.

Does anyone else here have trouble managing the city drifts?


GeoffD Veteran
Yep they wait 12 hours to see one of my trucks again.

I am from Maine, and people don't flip over the sight of snow. Most of my accounts are commercial, I only have 3 residential trucks,compared to 14 commercial trucks. The people know it takes that long and they except it, because we provide high quailty service, and they know we are going to be there. In Maine we have serveral fly by nights.

There is more money in commercial, so thats what gets serviced first.


cutntrim - Veteran
I doubt people flip over the sight of snow in Quebec either Geoff.

4 Saisons: Our residentials are generally done at the end of our route so that the city has already plowed their roads, and this way the end of the driveway will stay clear after we're gone. Many times we don't even arrive to our first driveway until 10-12hrs after the snow has stopped. We tell them this straight-out in advance so there is no misunderstanding. This way they can take it or leave it. Driveways for us (like Geoff) are a small percentage of our route as a whole.


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I dont think Geoff responce was towards Canandian customers, but towards Ct customers. These people get a 1/2" and they want to know why its still there.

Veggie Farmer

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Six hours per truck sounds about right on 4" or less. If you get caught with a daytime snow you can pick up some time because some lots are parked full. Whats really nice is if your 6 hour route ends around 9 am & then you have a couple bars or restaraunts that open around noon.

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Plowking's Right !!

I just fell off my chair two minutes ago..ouch, people are affraid of snow here (and I think tv or radio are responsable, more than 3 inches they are not saying stay at home but no so far) and may be all biz Wonderservice raise the standard, so we harvest what we seed !! even on less than 6" we usually plow twice...figured out when a major storm hurts.

an average of 30-40 plow events per season,but we loose 10 of then since 3 years, Doesn't matter due to mix income.

so looks like snowplowing are not the same everywhere, even if we use all the same tools.

makes me more happy share your experience.


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S. Maine
20 PLUS accounts 6 miles in each direction of home, 5" or less storms 12hours, That includes nursing home, condominium's and shopping centers walkways we maintain, I think a 10" sorm we will be out for over 20 hrs and still make well over $100.00 hr after expenses.