Rookie Question- Lining up jobs as a student

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I have a question i hope you guys might be able to help me with. I am a 17 year old high school senior. My dad has a 8 hp 2 stage snowblower he lets me use to make some extra money after I blow off our driveway. My question is, living in the suburbs, how can I go about lining up jobs before the snow falls knowing that I need off school during a snow and can't be sure of getting to the jobs if the snow is really bad. I know customers probably don't want anyone that can't be committed, but I would like to be more organized then going door to door during a storm.


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You will need to find people who that when the snow falls and you are unable to get there before school are willing to wait until afterward to have their snow removed.This means though that if there is time before school there are no excuses why you should not be there, period.If there are times when they are done when they're ready to go in the morning it will help to pasify when you are not there.The main issue here is communication,if your customers know your situation and maybe are paying accordingly for your service they might be understanding and willing to give up a little.One of the biggest problems I think you will have is when they wake up and the plow has been there and the civic won't get over the drift at the end of the drive, they may go looking for another service,just the facts of life.They will leave room for another one,just try not to have them leave mad.This is not all the advise you need, listen to what everybody here has to say and see how it applies to what you want to do.You need to evaluate your scheduale,your part of the country and the type of clientel you will be serving add the lawnsite advise a devise a plan.Good luck,oh and going door to door is fine because you need to be very close with your accounts no driving it will take you too long.

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