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roof shoveling


Junior Member
what do you use for residential roof shoveling?

I have tried backpack blowers, small snowblowers,
shovels, special roof shoveling but i haven't
found a system I really Liked.

matthew Urban

Senior Member
Western Mass
I work at a bed & breakfast in west. mass, and i've got a fair number of roofs to clear. I can tell you that there really isn't an easy way to do it.
Mostly it depends on what you're trying to clear...flat, pitched, large, small?
Let me know, if I can help I'd be glad to.


Stamford, CT
On occassion, we have had to remove a heavy snow load from the roof of our Hospital's ER. This roof is a flat roof with a rubber membrane and gravel ballast.

We have access to this roof from a patio, so we used our snow blowers.

There is a snow rake that can be used to remove snow from pitched roofs. I haven't used one or seen one used., but I know its available.