Roll Over Plow

Has anyone ever used a rollover plow? It is a slusher mounted to a large gear on the front and it rolls over end for end so you can plow both directions.Our air base had these to do the runways ,it was 1' on the small end fanning out to 6 or 7' on the the large end.They were mounted on Oshkosh trucks which would plow 40 or 50 miles an hour one after an other.


The airport in Jamestown,NY has one of these. They do go at a pretty good clip then when they get to the end flip the plow over and go back the way they came. Kinda catches peaple of guard when they see this happen.
Although not exactly what you are talking about, I have experience in using a Cat 16G grader equipped with a roll-over wing. The wing will fold over the engine to set up on either the left or right side of the machine. The advange is really apparent when trying to plow logging roads on steep terrain. The grader can always work with the grade rather than fight it half the time.

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