Road Dept salt ?????

Discussion in 'Ice Management' started by HBLandscaping, Feb 16, 2008.

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    I know this is a weird question when so many people on here are having a problem getting salt but. A buddy of mine called today and said he wanted to know how long salt that the county Roads Dept uses last after they put it down. He lives right on the county line and has a large open turn around spot along the state road which runs along their farm field that they use to park their farm equipment when working in the field. Because its right on the county line both county plow/salt truck use that turn around as a staging & turn around area. After yesterdays freezing rain he found a large pile of salt/Mix that both county's use sitting in the turn around area. The salt/mix is from when they (Raods dept)stop and sit for a few minutes before heading back and they forget to turn off the spreader.

    He asked me if it was any good and if so if I would want it. He said its about 600-700 lbs of it. Hey its free salt if its any good. So does anyone know it is any good???? I may grab it and through it in my spreader and mix it with the other salt I use.

    What do you think? Good idea or bad idea?
    6-700 lbs free salt/mix is better then paying for it.

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    lol.....whats next.
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    I don't see why not. If its wet though I wouldn't mix it into your dry salt. If you salts dry that is.
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    not sure what you mean by good..but if you can see it, it is good( ie: it will melt ice), even after it dissolves it's good for a while as it creates a brine solution
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    Is this mixed with sand and you want to know how long the salt will last in the sand. If it is in a pile then the salt should still be there. The salt won't melt until it is spread.
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    SnowPower, Free salt is free salt LOL. If its good enough for them to use why not for me right.

    I thought it was weird myself but after thinking about it, If the salt is dry why not use it.
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    Yeah but you're talking about 20 dollars worth of salt at best.
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    hey, your doing the environment a favor by cleaning up a toxic pile of salt...wait no, its a traffic accident waiting to happen- yes definitely do your civic duty and save the town from potential harm...:D

    yes its still good, and if you have nothing better to do, why not. true in the grand scheme of things if your running bags your only saving yourself $50, less if bulk. And if you are using a tailgate salter, driving around with salt in the hopper can pack it in and you might have to shovel it out just to get the hopper spinning.
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    Im running bags right now (Dont have a large enough space for large amount of bulk). I have 2 commercial lots and a few residentials that asked/require salting so I dont have a large need for tons of salt. Right now at the best price Im paying $5.50 per 50 lb bag of salt so at a guess of 6-800 lbs of salt Im saving a good chunk of change picking up this pile. I have enough room to store this amount of salt plus the supply of bags I have. I have a tailgate spreader but dont ever load up until Im ready to head out for the job, So I dont ever leave salt in my spreader. From what I know the road dept around here uses a mix of salt, chemicals and from looking at this pile today it has a light sand base to it also.